August 11, 2012

Fields of gold

I am glued to the Olympics ... most of the family is, but I am a tad more devoted. Two of my favorites are coming up ... synchronized swimming and rhythmic gymnastics ... before the closing ceremonies bring it all to a screeching halt. It will be bittersweet. It's been fun to watch the competitions, all in the name of being the world's best (if only for a moment), team spirit and national pride. I love watching the winners' thrilled reactions and hearing the backstories of how they've come so far ... often working hard for a very long time. I will be happy to return to a normal bedtime ... been staying up way too late each evening to avoid missing anything. Hubby says he'll be happy to have his wife back and is confounded by my ability to watch events on TV while also watching things on the internet at the same time. What can I say, I'm a talented multitasker? I'm fascinated by random facts so thought I would share this interesting tidbit about flowers at the Olympics. You're welcome!

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