June 17, 2012

Win some, lose some

This rosemary garlic bread recipe was a huge hit! I don't have a finished photo due to some drama and the work-in-process photos seemed silly to include without a finished product. I made the bread early in the morning (my great grandmother always said that was the best time to bake ... low humidity or pressure or something like that). They turned out beautiful, 2 gloriously browned loaves with rosemary and garlic dotted perfectly all over the tops. Gorgeous. I left them to cool and five minutes later I heard odd noises so went back to the kitchen only to find two empty pans and one of my dogs, Abby, rushing away. I could have cried. It is a super simple recipe, but I was low on flour and rosemary. I went to the store and made another batch on principle. There was significantly less rosemary and the dogs were relegated to the backyard for the entire process. Next time I may make them side by side on the same pan as well as add garlic to the itself rather than just on top.

The mint brownie recipe is another winner. The kids told me these were too chocolately as if there is such a thing, but Hubby and I love them. Very rich ... a little goes a long way which is better for my waist. These remind me of the Cocoa Gems my great grandmother made.

The potato salad and peppers were okay. I think I'd add garlic to the peppers and though the salad was okay I guess I'm a traditionalist for mayo, mustard, dill and celery seed.

Bon App├ętit

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