November 27, 2011

Getting Ready

We are getting ready for another delightful winter in the arctic. We've heard the snowfall could rival last year. Lovely We need a new throttle cable for the snowthrower and haven't been able to find one at any of the local hardware or home improvement stores. Our local ACE Hardware referred us to a power equipment store in a neighboring town. Of course it's not in stock so we had to special order -hopefully it will arrive before the first big snow. Chunky and Hubby are in the garage changing the oil in the snowthrower - Chunky's first time with Hubby supervising. I decided it was safer indoors. I found a fabulous product - Tibet Almond Stick - at ACE to take care of the many scratches in our wood around the house. This stuff is amazing and is't only $4!It's like a wood eraser. I've used it on doors, cabinets, floors, tables and chairs. No home should be without it if you have wood anything. The heater in the garage isn't working so I need to call local Heating & Plumbing shop to fix that. Between Hubby and home the past four months, I don't think I've ever made so many calls/appts in my life. Hard to believe it's been 16 weeks since the accident that forever changed our lives. No way to get ready for that, but we're finding our way as we go. Better go check on the boys.

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