October 9, 2011

Deep in the heart of ...

I discovered a deep wrinkle (line!) at the corner of my lower right-side lip this morning. It was not there yesterday. I know ... I thoroughly check every day. I consider myself moderately vain when it comes to my face so I've invested in good skin care products, I exfoliate regularly and use sunscreen daily. What the heck?! If you saw me you would probably say you could barely see it or it's small because you'd be being nice ... it's not small, it's a mini Grand Canyon on my face! My grandma P was right ... it's hell getting old. I think it could be related to my previous bad habit as a casual smoker. I quit weeks ago in preparation for a wellness screening at work which allows me to lower my health insurance premium by meeting specific goals like being tobacco free and cholesterol/blood pressure readings below a certain level. That was pretty motivating, but this, THIS is super motivating. I'm done - no more smokes or lines for me!

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