August 10, 2011

Surgery #2 **updated**

**Update 12:00 pm**

Surgery has been postponed until probably Friday (2 days) due to case load. I spoke with neurosurgeon and he explained that surgery timing is not critical - if it was he would have done already. Also, some choose not to do posterior procedure but he feels it would be best to provide additional support and room for spinal cord to heal from massive bruising/swelling. They are doing a trachestomy now and have put in a temporary feeding tube (oral) until they can do the peg after second surgery. He needs to keep up his fighting weight!


Hubby is comfortable and adjusting well. He's communicating via light head nods and alert when speaking to him. Rest is the best medicine now (along with prayer!). Posterior surgery is scheduled for 6:30pm, but could be later. It's late in the day so we're hoping he doesn't get "bumped" to tomorrow while understanding there may be others with greater need. Surgery is great news - it means he's stable enough for procedure and it will provide long term neck support he needs. Next step after surgery (tomorrow?) will be "trach" and "peg"procedures to get him proper nutrition and breathing. Next big hurdle will be to wean him off vent. MRI results showed spinal cord is fully intact - lots of swelling however. Breathing on his own would be a blessing - everything else is icing at this point. We are not giving up hope for a miracle, but remaining realistic and diligent about one day at a time.

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  1. Beaudets here again. Thanks for keeping us all updated. Big huge hugs and prayers being sent up. Please tell hubby we are thinking of him lots. Bacon is like a caged lion down here wanting to be there, but knows that rest is best and hopefully we can get there soon. All our love...