May 14, 2011

Rx disposal

Sassy and I went over to Grandma's the other day to help her clean for out of town guests and dispose of all Papa's medication. You can't flush or dispose down the sink as it may enter the water supply. You can't toss in the trash without "processing" for fear of drug addicts, kids, etc. either. We put a small amount of really hot water in gallon size plastic bags and dumped all the pills in, adding more hot water as needed to dissolve. We added flour to soak up liquid (making a really funky color and smell). Finally, we placed inside another plastic bag and wrapped completely in duct tape so no one would know what was inside. We flushed out all the inhalers too. We also had to mark out all information on every pill bottle and Rx sheet. We counted 70 bottles/boxes/inhalers in all and it took us over 2 hours start to finish.

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