February 17, 2009

A Day at the Movies

Big Mama has a post about "Sleepless in Seattle" and it's significance in the Valentine's Day TV rotation. I realize I may be taunting the chick-flick gods but I have to agree with her. The movie is okay but I much prefer the main characters to share substantial screen time where you can feel the relationship build moment by moment. One of the best scenes doesn't even include Meg Ryan - when Tom Hanks' real life wife, Rita Wilson, tearfully explains the movie An Affair to Remember to her screen husband and Tom's character. I have to say I'm 96% with Big Mama on her movie list as well - I disagree on Notting Hill (never got it) and I'd add The Notebook, Pillow Talk, Love Actually, and throw in Rear Window and To Catch a Thief for good measure.

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