December 21, 2016

Sea Bag

This is a long overdue post about my trip to Maine in June where has the time gone?!

My mother summers in Kennebunkport I felt so pretentious typing that and bought me an airline ticket for my birthday. I flew in/out of Portland the other one which provided the perfect opportunity to visit The Standard Baking Company. I've wanted to go ever since I saw it on PBS' 'Best Bakeries in America'. I had a hard time choosing only a couple of treats and settled on lemon polenta cookies and a fruit tart. They were both amazing - definitely lived up to the hype! I may have visited again before my return flight :) I also may have purchased their cookbook from Amazon as soon as I arrived home.

I love most seafood and was super excited to try the famed lobster roll. Who knew there were so many versions?! With mayo, without, butter only, with or without specific seasonings, super spicy, etc. I had four from different places and each was delightful in its own unique way. 

We went to a wonderful farm to table restaurant one night. It was tucked away in the woods on the site of an upscale resort that looked like a TV neighborhood complete with bicycles in front of each vacation "cottage". Yes please!

Of course visiting lighthouses was on the agenda - Nubble-Cape Neddick on on the left and Cape Elizabeth-Portland Head Light on the right.

I fell in love with a place called Sea Bags. They recycle sail cloths into purposeful and decorative bags! It was so hard to pick only one. I bought this bucket bag to use as my workday lunch tote, but have my eye on a large tote in the Coral Reef pattern for the future;)

Can't wait to go back!

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