August 31, 2016

Monthly Book Review: Aug 2016 **updated**

Since I've become so bookish I'm going to attempt to do a monthly book review. Attempt is the operative word here.

This month's reads included:

**The Paris Architect - I cannot believe I forgot this one, it was the best of the entire month
A WWII book (surprise!) about an architect that reluctantly designs hiding places for Jews; another unique perspective and a wonderful reminder that the best life is not always the one we initially designed.

The House at Riverton (aka Shifting Fog) - Very good! Bittersweet Downton Abbey style period drama about secrets; while the level of detail seemed a bit much at times while I listened, in retrospect it made the story richer; the main secrets are held to the very last

Code Name Verity - another WWII book (shock!) ; I loved the first half, the last half not as much which was disappointing as there was a big reveal at the end that seemed to land more like a thud than a welcome a-ha; excruciating detail about aircraft that I found tedious at the time but all was revealed in the end

Among the Ten Thousand Things - hard to relate to and vulgar language that I found off-putting for some reason (I'm not a prude as there's plenty of it in other books I like); I just didn't get where it was going, like at all; an event and the fallout for characters was described in great detail and then it flashed forward decades; this is the first book I didn't listen to all the way and actually returned (another reason I'm super impressed with Audible)

Truly Madly Guilty - just released book from the author of Big Little Lies; not as good as I expected but still enjoyed it; it is l-o-o-o-n-n-g - the author likes to describe in intricate detail every thought, feeling and bias each character has which I find interesting, but I can see where others might find it overkill
Next Up -
The Ocean at the End of the Lane (my mom's recommendation)
This is Not my Beautiful Life (my BFF's recommendation)
The Lake House
The Secret Keeper
Elizabeth II: Life of a Monarch

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