December 16, 2015

TV Shows

We are "upgrading" our cable (I'm convinced it's a scam but hubby says it's the greatest thing ever) so losing all our current settings and recordings. The good news is we'll be able to record multiple programs at once. One of my current issues is there are 5 programs I like that all air on the same night - if football delays on one station then two shows compete with the others and I have to choose which to record and watch later vs access on demand and be forced to watch commercials. It's house of cards. #firstworldproblems I may or may not have ever stayed up and watched all five in one night by recording in different rooms #pathetic

The bad news is I've confirmed that I watch entirely too much TV. I made a list of shows to program into the new system - 30+! In my defense many of these air only 2-3 months each year and I don't watch all the cooking shows if the menu is "weird". It's a weak defense. 

The Great Holiday Baking Show seasonal
Downton Abbey ended 2016
The Good Wife ended 2016
Madam Secretary 
The Walking Dead
Vikings lost interest
Modern Family
The Goldbergs
The Big Bang Theory
Telenovela  cancelled
Odd Mom Out
Real Housewives BH
Real Housewives OC 
Real Housewives NYC
Fixer Upper
Lip Sync Battle lost interest
The Tonight Show
Project Runway
Cedar Cove cancelled
Pioneer Woman
Daphne Dishes  cancelled
Southern at Heart  cancelled
Valerie’s Home Cooking
The Leftovers
Game of Thrones
Ray Donovan
Masters of Sex
New Good Behavior
New Timeless

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