June 5, 2015

On My Mind Lately

Is it Donut or Doughnut?!

I am tempted to stop at my favorite cupcake shop which has Simpson's Duff Beer Donut Cupcakes for today only, but I just can't rationalize fighting the already late Friday afternoon going-to-the-cabin traffic plus cupcake line to do it.

It's unoffically summer! Yesterday was my baby's last day of his first year of high school :( I reminded Chunky of that all week as I dropped him off ... it's the first day of the last week of your first year of high school ... and he was pretty ready for me to be done with that on day two. I know now how quickly time passes - seems like just yesterday was the last day of Sassy's first year of high school, yet it's already been six years. 6 YEARS! Stop and rewind please. While I love the independence that comes with my kids' getting older, I miss the excitement for little things and actually wanting to spend time with me. sigh, I need a donut

I finished my proposal class and the actual proposal EARLY on May 20th. I'm pretty damn proud of myself as it was a *beech* to get through. Now I just have to wait for approval, conduct my research (interviews), write up my findings, make a presentation and take a final class to graduate in December. Piece of cake donut.

Speaking of school, some of these senior quotes are pretty funny.

American Pharoah
Tomorrow is the Belmont Stakes, the last race in the Triple Crown, and this horse is poised to be the first in 37 years to take the Crown. BTW, the correct spelling is Pharaoh but obviously people take liberties with names (I'm looking at you Keira Knightley's parents).

It's been raining a lot here in the arctic. I miss the sun and beach from my vacation last week (separate post on that), but I do not miss the humidity - not great for good hair days. The rain however is good for my plants and so I am thankful.

I was raised with a specific religious faith and I've raised my kids the same, but I've fallen away in recent years. I tend to align with Spinozism - God is nature and we live, die and are recycled in the universe. I still feel dissonance however. This story by my favorite TV fixer uppers was inspirational. One of my favorite bloggers has just released a bible study so I'm considering it to see if I can connect on a deeper level with the roots of my Christian upbringing.

That's all folks. Make it a great first Friday of the 6th month of the year 2015!

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