December 10, 2014

Favorite Things

I am doing my best to get into the spirit of the season. The tree is up. Evergreen swags are hung outside. Pandora's Traditional Christmas channel is on rotation in the house and the local oldies channel is playing Christmas music for my daily commute. I did some baking last weekend ... peanut butter blossoms, biscotti, mini brownies (prep for overachieving Pinterest creation) and pumpkin cinnamon rolls. More next weekend ... sugar cookies, pb blossoms again to replace the ones we've already eaten and pistachio/cranberry white chocolate cookies. I'm 99% done with gift purchases but nothing wrapped. I have a mini Avon Advent Christmas tree on my work credenza that my mother bought me in 1996.. you take a little ornament out of a numbered drawer each day. Awww, the cuteness. I even thought far enough in advance to make a couple of paperwhites in mason jar gifts for coworkers. Still not feeling it though.

So I will share a few things I'm obsessed with at the moment.

The quest for a face cleanser that does it all. I cannot be bothered to use a cleanser and toner and eye makeup remover. I barely have patience for the cleanser and if it weren't for the fact that I'd have pimples galore I'd skip it altogether. I have been remiss in using my Clarisonic which I'm ashamed of - it really works and my skin thanks me every time I use it. I've been loyal to Philosophy's Purity cleanser for years but my last batch wasn't up to snuff ... not sure if they changed the formula or if I've changed. Ah, maturity you wicked bitch. So I tried Peter Thomas Roth'a anti-aging gel cleanser because I was channel surfing one day and QVC sucked me into its vortex. I liked it okay and was thinking of reordering until Nordstrom happened. My mom and I went shopping and each bought an eyeliner from separate lines. She got a gift with purchase from Lancome and re-gifted it to me. I tried the mini cleanser while on mini vacation at my BFFs (who might as well be mini she's gotten so tiny) and really liked it. It's one of those formulas that foams/mousses when mixed with water. It smells super clean and removes everything with one application. SCORE!

I'm a creature of routine and was in need of a do-it-all makeup kit. This one from Bobbi Brown fit the bill. It's a little pricey and no mascara included (that mini tube from Lancome is about to dry up), but Bobbi's foundation in Sand is my skin's love language and the Black Chocolate eye pencil may be the best I've ever had. The shadow colors probably don't look too exciting but they work well with my skin tone and the shimmers are fun to use for evening looks (at least on the two occasions I have had to go out after dark in the past few months).

I have a dirty little secret. Every once in a blue moon I buy something 'on speculation'. This means I probably do not intend to keep it yet enjoy using it right up to the return deadline. Please note that I don't do this with clothing - it either works or goes back immediately I never look back, darling! It distracts from the now. The vortex channel has an extended return policy during the holidays so ... say hello to my friend the Vitamix professional blender. If I only made Baked Potato Soup with this magical instrument I think it would be worth it. That soup is delish and ready in 15 minutes including the time it takes to bake potatoes in the microwave (whole potatoes go in, skin and all y'all) and fry up some onions!!! I'm going to try smoothies and chopping next.

I'll throw in a non-QVC reference for good measure. I bought this scarf in gray leopard for a little bit of nothing a couple of months ago to go with my short gray coat AND my long black down coat. It has totally saved me this winter - I look cute and stay warm. ARCTIC BONUS!

In closing, I love me some Burl Ives but his "southern" version of Santa Claus is Coming to Town ... "Santa Claus is a-comin to town" ... is making me want to step away from the Pandora.

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