December 6, 2013

Potayto Potahdo

Pinterest has been taunting me with sweet potato recipes for months ... everything from pies to fries to casseroles. I wasn't sure if I could / should commit as none of my people like sweet potatoes. Oh bother Then I happened upon a bin with two kinds of sweet potatoes as well as yams during a recent grocery run. I hemmed and hawed for quite some time ... should I or shouldn't I? Which do I buy? The only kind I've eaten in a Thanksgiving dish were orange ... which of these were orange inside? Does it matter? I've heard what we call sweet potatoes here in the U.S. are actually yams. OMG I was so confused!!! So I bought one of all three intending to do an experiment much like this. A few days passed and I got consumed appropriately for once by grad school studies. Then I saw this recipe on one of my favorite food porn sites during an ahem inappropriate break. Even though it had marshmallow frosting I loathe anything marshmallow I knew I had to make it. So I baked the three similarly sized whatever-they-ares and peeled them to find one had bright orange flesh, another a bit darker ("rusty" if you will) and the third was beige. Of course I didn't label them so don't know which is which. I discarded the beige version since I had enough of the orange stuff for the recipe. I even made the marshmallow frosting. And it was so worth it ... awesome sauce! Even Hubby and Chunky liked it  ... though they only ate initially because they thought it was pumpkin ;) There are no photos because I was too excited to serve and then it was gone. I will definitely make again and perhaps next time get out a trusty Sharpie for the great experiment. Or not.

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