February 19, 2013

Drama Magnet

I recently lost my you know what. I'm not happy and need to take responsibility for that as well as action to change it. I'm weighing meditation and therapy. I won't even go into work - that would be a novel with secret decoder ring required. In the past week, one of our dogs had a seizure with accompanying pee and doo-doo, Chunky was elbowed in the face during a basketball game, Hubby has had multiple "accidents" and someone called my new haircut a "lady mullet". WTF?!

I like my new 'do ... it looks a little like this -
Sadly, I'm not as cute as Mandy Moore. sigh

Abbie, our youngest dog is okay - we think she ate leaves from a plant that's been inside for the winter (why a problem now?) so it's been watered and moved to the shed until last frost. I gloved up and cleaned the mess ... wipes, shower (for dog and me) and a new dog bed work wonders.

More trial and error needed re: Hubby's issues. He's in denial that it could be his buddha belly but I think we both need a nutrition overhaul.

I saved the best for last ... there's a small chance Chunky could lose a top front tooth. There is a visible gap between root/nerves and bone. 70% chance he'll need a root canal and slight chance it could move back over months/years (I guess this happens when some people have their braces removed). The dentist says it's a wait and see game. I was totally bummed because 1) while he has dental issues from poor enamel, his teeth were perfectly straight, and B) I hemmed and hawed over spending a bit of money to have his teeth professionally whitened. Poor enamel and discoloration go hand-in-hand. He's been going to the dentist since before Christmas to even out dark spots and was to be fitted for a custom whitening tray next week. Now that's on hold and I'll likely spend 4x the whitening for treatment. Poor kid is on a soft diet (good thing he loves smoothies) and has to keep his teeth super clean to prevent infection. Try getting a 13 year old boy to brush after every meal, even at school, and use a mouth rinse multiple times a day. My nagging has increased ten fold.

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