December 9, 2012


I just completed my final exam for International Trade. Now I'm super hyper ... not sure if it was the coma-inducing studying for exam, running back and forth to Chunky's basketball games for a tournament, or helping with snow related activies*, but I have a major second wind going on. The exam was online with a time limit of 3 hours - I completed in 2 hours, flipping back and forth in my textbook and once a question was answered there was no looking back. My score is 88% (44 out of 50) and I am perfectly happy with that. Exchange rates and purchasing power parity are not my forté. I figure with 30% weight of exam and 100% on everything else (for which I'm reasonably on track) I could still get an A at 96%. It will all be finished after one more class and group paper/presentation on Turkey.

* kids did shoveling/snow throwing - thank you! - I moved to-be-fixed snowthrower from back shed to garage uphill and delivered occasional help to Hubby while he supervised activities from the garage

Side rant - we are currently experiencing Winter Storm "Caesar" according to the media. When did they start naming snow storms?! Is there a competition with naming hurricanes with which I am unfamiliar? This perplexes me greatly.

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