February 15, 2012

Wacky Wednesday

Today has been a wacky day.
  • It's Sassy's 18th birthday she's aged two years to my one so I'm only 9 years older than the day she was born I got her a shirt with a cool graphic of her zodiac sign on the front and traits that most certainly describe her on the back - intellect, adventurer, humorous.

  • I nearly ran over the trash can backing out of the driveway, only nicking it slightly but it sure sounded like I ran over it.

  • Attended a meeting with a client who last year flogged me for not having something they wanted and when I presented today that it's ready they say their legal dept won't support I really had to resist the urge to say "good thing we couldn't do it last year, eh?"

  • Got rear-ended on the drive home by a high school kid from my and hubby's high school no less Poor kid, he was a total wreck. I went into mom mode thinking about how awful it really could be and told him it was going to be okay - it's only a car and he's not a bad person. I even spoke to his mom on the phone 'cause he was so shook up and she needed directions to get him. My car is a little crunchy in the backside, but his resembled an accordion. Unfortunately I know all too well that the results of an accident can forever change a life; this was only a fender bender.

  • I ordered take out from Sassy's favorite restaurant for dinner and because I was a half hour late (see above) everything was cold. I discovered part of the order was missing when I got home and when I called the restaurant manager said I could come pick up the missing food and he would throw in more for free or he would send me a $15 gift card in two weeks. I thought two weeks was kind of a long time but I certainly wasn't going back after the day I'd had ... once I'm home, I'm home.
End scene.

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